“My husband and I used Jackie as our doula for our second child.  My mother was present for the birth of my first child and I realized what an asset she was during the labor process.  Since she would not be present with this one we were looking for constant support again and found this in Jackie.  I was only at the birth center for 50 minutes before our daughter was born so Jackie was limited in the services she could provide.  During those 50 minutes though she was quick to jump in, suggesting alternative methods of coping, and applying counter-pressure when needed.  She remained by my side while my husband caught our baby girl and shared in our joy.  Afterward we were thankful for her attentiveness, willingness to take pictures, and ensuring that my husband and I were fed and comfortable.  We were thoroughly satisfied with her services.” -Erin, second delivery

“At first, I was hesitant having a doula, thinking that I would want that special time to be just the two of us. But, it turned out that Jackie a great resource to assist us in decision making, and very supportive in the chaotic moments where I didn’t necessarily know what to expect next. She knew when to be there and when to give us the space we needed. She didn’t take away from our special moments at all!” -Bryan, first time Dad

“We hired Jackie as our doula after receiving a recommendation from a friend and were pleased with her services.  Jackie was very calming and encouraging throughout my labor and delivery, and it was helpful to have a second set of hands (other than my husband’s) to give massage and apply pressure when needed.  My labor progressed quickly and my midwife actually did not make it to the birth.  The baby was delivered by a hospital doctor rather than the midwife, so I was thankful to have Jackie’s nurturing presence with us during the difficult times.  I was able to have a successful VBAC and am grateful for Jackie’s assistance.” -Dawn, second delivery,  VBAC

“My husband and I hired Jackie for the birth of our first child.  She provided support through the entire birth process including being available to answer questions and provide assistance before, during, and after labor and delivery. Jackie respected our birth wishes and advocated for those wishes during the birth.  Jackie was not only a support to me by offering suggestions for inducing labor and pain management but was also a support to my husband.” -Jamie, first delivery

“My husband and I hired Jackie for the birth of first baby and we plan on hiring Jackie again in the future, if need be! Jackie is a huge contributing factor of why our experience as amazing as it was from the initial visit with Jackie up until the birth of our son. She respected our wishes 100%, answered any and all questions, and provided calming support for the both my husband and I. I cannot express in words how grateful we are to have found Jackie and cannot imagine going through labor without her!” -Dawn, first delivery

“As a chiropractor who specializes in maternity and pediatrics I thought I had a pretty good idea of how my labor would go.  My instincts during labor were not at all what I expected and having Jackie with me to support and coach was invaluable to achieving the natural birth we desired in a hospital setting.  She was able to offer suggestions without interfering with the natural progression of things, and she was a valuable support person for my husband as well.  I highly recommend Jackie for any labor, especially at a hospital.  Even if you think you know what you’re doing, she will surprise you with how helpful she is.  Thanks Jackie!” -Christa, first delivery

“Prior to even becoming pregnant, we wanted a natural birth for our first child. We researched, took childbirth classes, enlisted the assistance of some near and dear friends to be present at our birth, and hired our doula, Jackie Price. We conceived in October 2012 and were so happy to finally be on our way to becoming parents. After being unsuccessful in finding a local doula while attending a “Meet the Doulas” night, we started looking for doulas in our area. That’s when we found Jackie.

In February 2013, we met with Jackie to discuss having her as part of our birth team. We knew after our first meeting, she was the perfect match for us. Jackie’s enthusiasm for birth came through; she was passionate, knowledgeable, caring, and so excited about our birth plan. We had two prenatal visits with Jackie prior to the actual birth. She came prepared with cloth diapers, several baby carriers, and useful ideas for pain management during labor, as well as some other tools to use to help manage contractions. We spent hours going over our birth plan, practicing on the yoga ball, and trying different position that could be used during contractions.

The week of delivery, Jackie was extremely supportive, patient, and understanding. I started having early labor and contractions on Tuesday, July 2nd and didn’t deliver until Thursday evening at 6:46pm. During the entire birth process, Jackie was with us. She offered her time, suggestions for pain relief, and she was right next to me along the journey. She was able to tell me what was happening along the way, calm me if I was having a difficult time, and provide hands-on counter pressure while I was having painful back labor. Ryan and I will be forever grateful to have had Jackie help create and share in our birth experience.” -Crisha, first delivery

“I originally found Jackie because I was looking for a birth photographer for the birth of our first child. After my OBGYN started making remarks that made me feel uncomfortable, (telling me that I was setting myself up for failure for not wanting a epidural) I realized I wanted her there in a doula capacity as well. I am really glad we made the decision. I delivered at Chester County Hosp, and I was getting the vibe that they are very pro- epidural, pro- meds, pro- c-section. I wanted to do everything I could to prevent anything other than natural childbirth. Jackie was great- very professional, got to the hospital extremely fast, and was very helpful during labor. It was especially helpful to have her there to help with massaging me along with my husband during contractions. I was able to have the natural childbirth that I wanted, and I believe she played a part in that.

 Because my labor and delivery were very short, Jackie didn’t get that many pictures, but the ones that she did were great. I had them made up into a book, and love to show it off. I would recommend Jackie for all expectant mothers, but especially ones that are first time mothers and scared and not sure what to expect.

Jackie helped me make a specific birth plan, which for the most part the hospital followed. She also showed me all about baby wearing and cloth diapering. She made both my husband and myself feel very comfortable throughout the entire process. I could not be happier with the services that she provided, and I would use her again.” -Joyce, first delivery

“Here’s the thing about planning, things don’t always work out as planned. I planned on trying for a vbac, laboring at home and having a doula to help me achieve those things. While I got the wonderful doula, I didn’t get the rest. I am so thankful for making the decision to hire a doula. My goal aside from vbac was to labor naturally with as little intervention as possible and until the c-section I was able to do that with Jackie and my husband. Jackie reminded us that it was our birth not the hospital’s when they tried to push us into things we didn’t want and we could do or not do what we wanted to bring our child into the world. Jackie had us try different labor positions, used different things to help with my back labor and gave me words of encouragement when I thought I couldn’t do it anymore. My labor took an unexpected turn when my son’s heart rate went down to the 60-70 range and stayed down there. I consented to laying in bed and internal monitoring to get it back up and get a more consistent heart rate reading. This did not help and then Dr saw blood. He suspected uterine rupture and we then consented to a c-section for the safety of myself and the baby. It was a true emergency at this point and the decision was made I needed general instead of a spinal block. My husband couldn’t be in the operating room because of this decision and even then Jackie was still helping. She kept my husband calm while I was being operated on. It turned out to be a prolapsed cord and we knew the right choice had been made. I am so glad we had Jackie there for this experience. She made it one that we are happy with even with needing another c-section.” – Erika, second delivery


“I just wanted to take a moment to thank Jackie for everything she has done for us, we were so blessed with a 100% natural birth and a beautiful baby girl! Jackie provided the support we needed to keep true to our birth plan, without her I truly believe I would have caved to modern medical intervention. She also created a beautiful birth story for us to remember our special day for years to come. Thank you Bellies to Babies!” – Marie, first delivery