Birth Doula Services


Is a time where we can meet and get to know each other a little better. This will give you a chance to decide how you feel about us working together to bring about the best labor and birth experience for you. We will go over services and review the contract. This visit will carry no obligations to my service.


This will require one or two visits at times that fit your schedule. At these visits we will go over your hopes for your birth, practice breathing and relaxation techniques and answer any fears, questions or concerns you may have.


This is where we go over options for your delivery and develop a Birth Preference Plan


Two-three weeks before your labor, I will be on call for you to answer any questions you may have and be ready for when labor begins. You may contact by phone and email. When labor support starts is completely up to  you. Most mothers find it comfortable to labor at home for as long as possible, where others are more comfortable at the hospital. It is up to you as to when and where I join you once labor begins. Call any time you think you may be in labor . Just know that once you call upon me for labor support I will remain with you until after the birth and you are settled and recovering well. I provide support in early labor, in the setting of your choosing (home, hospital, birth center ect.). I can suggest activities or positions to help labor progress, help to decide when to go to the hospital/birth center, help with breathing and relaxation techniques, massage and acupressure for relaxation, suggest labor positions and comfort measures, lots of encouragement and reassurance, support for the woman’s partner, help for partner to be the best support to the birthing mother, help the environment be of one that the mother feels secure and confident, provide information or explanation of medical and birth options during labor, and work cooperatively with the medical staff.


I arrive with you to the hospital and get you all set up for delivery giving emotional and knowledgeable support, attending the actual delivery will be up to the OB, support you in recovery and up to 2 hours after delivery


Immediately after the birth I will remain for about two hours to ensure that you are both comfortable with breastfeeding and newborn care. I will also be there to accommodate your needs as well as daddy, including making sure you both get your first postpartum meal. Once you are all settled I will leave you to bond as a new family and start your new life together.


Within the first two weeks after birth, I will make a visit to your home to answer any questions, see how breastfeeding is going, go over the birth and answer any baby-care questions you may have. I also have experience and knowledge in cloth diapers and baby carriers for anyone who is interested, we could also go over at your postpartum.

Contact Me to set up your free consultation!





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