About Me

My name is Jackie Price. I am a stay at home mom, currently practicing as a birth doula. I am a mother to two beautiful little girls, and a loving baby boy, and a wife to an amazing, supportive, loving husband. I had my first little girl in 2009, and what a life changing experience it was. After my labor & delivery experience I knew I wanted to be an RN in labor and delivery. It wasn’t until my second was born in 2011, that I knew exactly what path I wanted to take. I need to help families through the amazing experience of childbirth and help them achieve the birth of their dreams, which is when I found out about Doulas. I went on to deliver my third completely natural in a hospital with the help of my husband and wonderful doula!

It wasn’t long after I went through my training that I realized I needed to make a bigger impact in the birthing community. I will be returning to school to achieve my RN, so I can continue on to become a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM). My ideal position would be in a hospital setting where I hope to bring a more natural birthing experience into the hospital and have that be seen as the norm, as well as home births.  I am very passionate when it comes to labor & delivery, there is no greater feeling than helping others in one of the most memorable experiences in their life.

I am certified through DONA, I have completed a childbirth education class, Rebozo training and have taken a breastfeeding course, as well as my own experience.  When I’m not at births I enjoy running, being outside & with my family, photography and trying new food!

I have started Birth Photography, check out my latest work!

Contact Me for more information.

Ask me about cloth diapers and baby carriers!


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