The Birth of Kinston Jude

So it’s been awhile….ok a long while. One of my goals for 2015 is to blog more. Among other things. So I figured I would hit off 2015 with a wonderful birth story!

I first met this mama after the delivery of my own son. Having been on my own little birth high, I didn’t even realize that she was pregnant. As we were talking I remember her asking what I do. Usually I have to explain what a doula is, but this time my answer was followed with an “I have been meaning to contact you!”. I guess I didn’t think much of it..went about the rest of my postpartum visit, with this amazing nurse who let me sleep and only came in when I needed her. So much different than my other deliveries there.

A couple of weeks later I get an email about how she would love for me to join her for her birth! To say I was PUMPED would be an understatement. Not only had we hit it off when we first met like we had been friends all along,but she was also delivering at the birth center and out of hospital deliveries are always a special treat for me. This was going to be awesome.

I had joined her in the morning after rushing to the birth center. One of my biggest fears is missing a quick delivery. When I entered the room she was so calm with her husband by her side. This little one had waited 11 days past his due date for his grandmother to be present.  As contractions came and went, you would barely know that she was having contractions. It was instinctual, needing little guidance from me.

Britany-1                                        Britany-2

Hours have gone by contraction after contraction. Mama was fierce and strong. Taking one after the other, listening to what her body was telling her.


Part of my love of being a doula, is working with supportive partners!


The sun had set and working all day through hard contractions was getting tiresome. She had reached 8 centimeters and had felt the strong urge to push, except her cervix wasn’t stretching the extra 2 centimeters that it needed to. Contraction after contraction she fought the urge to push, trying to relax her mind and body was no easy task. After awhile the urge became so strong she couldn’t fight it and she began to push. It is amazing how one minute you are so exhausted you don’t think you could work through one more contraction, then the next you feel all that pressure and get a second wind, knowing that soon you will be meeting your new son or daughter. The fun part of working with other birth workers through their own deliveries, is that they instinctively know what to do. She reached down and felt her baby’s head, she caught her own baby.


She pushed with all her might, and soon enough HE was here! A’s a boy!! I had never seen such an instant attachment. The second he was out she exclaimed, “It’s a boy! I knew it”, as she scooped him up to her chest.


He was so alert and quiet. He just laid there, taking in his surroundings.



The best part of this delivery? Check out grandma’s expression while she watches her daughter become a mother!Britany-6 Britany-15

To watch the entire birth story visit:


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