Birth of S, told by E.

I was really excited to be working with E. She delivered at a birth center, and this birth had really opened my eyes and heart. It was a really nice treat to be apart of something that was so natural, with absolutely no interventions. Although I wasn’t with her long before delivery, I remember her saying from her last birth she loved counter-pressure, so that’s what I did immediately. Her husband and I made a great team and this was such an awesome birth! She had originally wanted to birth in the tub, and well, just read her story to find out what happens :)

“My daughter’s birth story starts on a Wednesday the week before she was born.  I had attended the moms group at my church, the last one of the year before summer, and visited with four other ladies who were all due around the same time I was, in the months of April or May.  I remember wondering who would be first.  Later that afternoon I experienced contractions that were 10-12 minutes apart and lasted for a few hours.  This was it, I felt, and started timing to see if things were progressing.  I had been managing well contracting at home with my almost two year old.  As I realized that they were not getting closer together, frustration set in.  They continued to come and go over the next two days.  Finally late on Friday night I felt something different in the pattern, the tightening became more intense and I needed to focus my breathing.  I drank a glass of wine to help relax as I had not slept well several of the previous nights.  The contractions paused for a few hours that night and I was able to rest well.  My husband, son, and I had a slow start to the morning and they played together while I continued breathing through contractions on the couch.  Around 10:30am I called my midwife for assurance that I should continue to wait.  She suggested that the baby may not be in the best position and not to discount that I was making progress with the type of contractions I had been experiencing.  So, I decided to make more room for baby to move and stretched and rocked on my hands and knees for about an hour.  At 12:30pm my contractions changed to 5 minutes apart.  And then 4, and then 3 by the time my husband had dropped off our son at his grandparents and we were rushing out the door to the birth center at 2:00pm.  I was becoming curious if this baby would be born in our car or if we would make it in time!

The contractions became more painful throughout the car ride but I was able to relax effectively and remain alert.  When we arrived at 2:45 I was sure that I would only be a few centimeters dilated because of how I felt and that I was able to talk and even laugh in between contracting.  With my son’s labor there was still much progress to make when I was feeling this way.  Our birth doula Jackie met us at the birth center and after a quick discussion between contractions and on the way to the room, began applying pressure on my shoulders as I swayed while my husband pushed on my lower back.  She grabbed a birth ball and placed it on the bed for me to lean on…what a relief! I was able to continue working and rocking with the contractions while leaning on the ball.  She and my husband both continued pressure and verbalizing encouragement until I had a break long enough to move to a supine position on the bed.

After a brief physical exam I was speechless when my midwife informed us that I was 8-9 cm and asked if I felt the urge to push.  My water broke not long after and after a short rest period only pushed for 5 minutes or so before our baby girl was born into her daddy’s hands.  April 21, 3:35pm, 19.5 inches, 8.0 pounds and perfect.”